Upcoming: 'VERGELIJK'
With her art project 'VERGELIJK', Liedewij makes the spectators aware of the beauty and diversity with which we perform ordinary, everyday activities. Think of peeling an apple, tieing a shoelace, or washing your hands.

Liedewij allows for 'VERGELIJK' to carry out everyday activities by a large number of different people, in exactly the same environment and stripped of everything that can distract attention. She shows the result on two large walls with twenty screens each. On these screens she always compares two different groups of recordings. It is like looking at two swarms of different birds. For example, how is it possible to compare 'a swarm' of twenty left-handed people, and a group of right-handed people who do the same thing? Or twenty children and twenty elderly people? Or twenty nurses and twenty construction workers? 'Peeling an egg' is the first subject of a triptych 'VERGELIJK'. 

An example of a test shot can be seen by clicking on the image below.

How can you cooperate?
That is obvious, of course: by peeling an egg. You will come to a specially prepared studio in the Broerenstraat in Arnhem. After a short explanation you go to work and you peel the egg.
Only your hands will be recorded, you will not be shown further and you will remain completely anonymous. At the end of the recording you fill in a short questionnaire that Liedewij uses to classify the films into different categories.

Register yourself by sending an email to art (at) liedewijvaneijk.nl. You will then receive a confirmation of your registration.

Tip: Liedewij wants to record as many different versions as possible for her research. So make an outing and take as many family (old and young) or friends along as possible to 'peel this egg' :-)

For applications or questions mail, call or app to art (at) liedewijvaneijk.nl / 06 29 52 70 39